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Marjovic Trucking Services

Marjovic Trucks

MARJOVIC TRUCKING SERVICES was established by “J&E” corporation on February 2007, with the positive attitude and excellent knowledge and experience of Manager’s and Staff, and with Skilled and trustworthy personnel who performed vehicle maintenance of 29 Trucks for 20’cont. & 40’cont., 30 chassis for 40’cont. and 5 chassis for 20’cont., 1 cranes & 2 services, & with convenient fuel tank, provides exclusive services to deliver merchandise for “J&E” customers in  a manner that will optimize the cooperatives market share and savings, improve the cooperatives efficiency, help achieve the cooperative’s mission and goals.

Marjovic Trucks

“MARJOVIC” assured “On Time/Safe Delivery” and maintains “Outstanding Services” for almost 5 years.

Contact Details:
Marjovic Trucking
Vitas Industrial Area, Tondo Manila
+632 491 6959